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Snow Pond Rectractable BannerA preponderance of evidence demonstrates that when arts and educational organizations take a leadership role in rural community and economic development, they drive results in extraordinary ways. From defining regional identity, to attracting regional investments and expanding tourism, to fostering civic engagement from the schoolhouse to seniors, the arts play a critical role in creating vibrant, thriving communities. Snow Pond Center for the Arts (aka New England Music Camp Association) has embraced this leadership role in order to realize a vision of improving the quality of life for residents and visitors in Central Maine. 

We have weighed the specific challenges of Maine along with those that other rural areas are facing against the inspiring potential we know this region possesses, and have developed a mission that describes our approaches to enhancing the quality of life in this region by leveraging the many gifts that the arts offer to all.

Snow Pond provides a variety of opportunities for all people, regardless of age or economic position for equal access to quality arts education, programming, and events  
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Snow Pond provides innovative and quality education, inclusive of the arts, that supports academic achievement and cultivates the critical social and emotional skills for all students to reach their full potential 
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Snow Pond is a unique arts and educational institution, tourism attraction, and community center that is a catalyst for community and regional economic development 
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In pursuing this mission, we seek to pioneer approaches that are both innovative and replicable, and we continue to tap national networks for best rural practices to apply locally in support of creating systemic and sustainable change.

Teaming Up

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“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.” - - Reid Hoffman

The Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce and Snow Pond Center for the Arts love teaming! - - Kim Lindlof, President, Mid-Maine Chamber

Snow Pond Center for the Arts

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