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Trail Map

Trail Distances

2,818 Ft. / .38 Acres - Red Trail
2,958 Ft. / .41 Acres - Yellow Trail
376 Ft. / .05 Acres - Black Trail
2,256 Ft. / .31 Acres - Purple Trail

Trail Notes

  • Trails Located on 135 Acres owned by Snow Pond.
  • New Proposed Trail 6' in width and 4,629 (.88 Miles) feet in length
  • This trail system requires some short-term effort, but it will give back for generations because it's done in a way that's sustainable. Sustainable trails are built to have as little impact on the environment as possible and to integrate with the surrounding landscape. This will be built to make trail use and maintenance as simple and low-cost as possible.

A sustainable trail is one that:

  • Supports recreation today and tomorrow with minimal impact on nearby ecosystems.
  • Leaves soil intact, allowing vegetation to inhabit the area.
  • May requiring pruning or removal of nearby plants to ensure proper trail construction and maintenance.
  • Doesn't harm wildlife.
  • Requires a minimal amount of trail maintenance.

These trails circle around the land's natural features. It meanders through the wilderness and affords spectacular views. It takes advantage of existing logging roads, very few trees need to be removed. All trees removed will be reserved for use as mulch, board walks, retaining walls. All small vegetation and trimmings will be piled in the woods so they can decompose and return to the soil. Some stones may be rolled to the side with a shovel to reduce hazards in the trail. Some areas need bridges over waterways and over low, wet spots. All foot bridges will be designed to have low impact on the environment. Trails may be marked with signs, ribbons or paint blazes. Scaled Aerial images of Trails and property will be provided to hikers.

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