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KenjiBunch Photo credit Artslandia Meg Nanna

Kenji Bunch writes music that looks for commonalities between musical styles, for understandings that transcend cultural or generational barriers, and for empathic connections with his listeners. Drawing on vernacular musical traditions, an interest in highlighting historical injustices and inaccuracies, and techniques from his classical training, Bunch creates music with a unique personal vocabulary that appeals to performers, audiences, and critics alike. With his work frequently performed worldwide and recorded numerous times, Bunch considers his current mission the search for and celebration of shared emotional truths about the human experience from the profound to the absurd, to help facilitate connection and healing through entertainment, vulnerability, humor, and joy.

Mr. Bunch is widely recognized for performing his own groundbreaking works for viola. He currently serves as Artistic Director of the new music group Fear No Music and is deeply committed to music education in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

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Transformative Experience

I had a transformative experience at MCMS. When I first arrived I was feeling frustrated with my progress, but in just two weeks, It was as if I made a year's worth of progress. I was excited, motivated, inspired, and so much more that is difficult to describe in words. The incredible faculty are not only extraordinary, but they also care so much about your growth and well-being. They push you to be your best every day, and just playing with them will teach you more than anything! – MCMS Participant ‘21